The ChatGPT list of lists: A collection of 3000+ prompts, examples, use-cases, tools, APIs, extensions and more.

10. March, 2023 | Maximilian Vogel

Oh, ChatGPT! Some 5 months on the market and a not so tiny ecosystem has developed all on its own, with lists of prompts, tips, APIs, use cases, extensions, success stories and failures. ChatGPT is the first true foundation model for the mass-market. Some of the posts, blogs, and articles dealing with this new phenomenom, well, really don’t deserve any attention. Like “The 10 Best Side Hustles with ChatGPT that Can Earn You $4,000 a Week.” But some of them are genuinely interesting. I’ll try to give you an overview on the more exciting applications.

The launch of ChatGPT marks the iPhone moment for AI. 1m users in just 5 days. But it did not stop here — it is now one of the fastest growing applications ever, even compared with the most successful apps and platforms ever.

Here is a breakdown of the lists, promps, ressources, articles referenced in this this story:

30x: Intro to ChatGPT
500+: Marketing Content Creation
50x: AI Art Prompts
16x: Music
1,500+: Business — from accounting to zoology
280+: Coding
100x: Development tools, Extensions
30x: Autonomous AI Agents built on top of ChatGPT
1,000x: Funny, amazing, interesting
50x: ChatGPT is a fail
20+: Passing exams
50+: Jailbreaking

The ChatGPT ecosystem is moving very fast — if you know or even maintain a list of ChatGPT prompts or resources please drop me a note.

30x: Intro to ChatGPT and foundation models

Image credit: Author, Midjourney.

1x: A semi-official intro by the vendor, OpenAI.

1x: How to use it

1x: Nice intro piece of Google Chief Decision Scientist and blogger Cassie Kozyrkov

1x: Praise of ChatGPT by Alberto Romero

1x: Understanding the underlying architecture, the Transformer models — pretty complex — but worth a look even if you cannot grasp everything.

26x: List of other large language models with parameters, contents, data and sizes.

Image credit: Dr Alan D. Thompson

500+: (Marketing) content creation

ChatGPT has devoured the net like a ravenous digital beast. It has packed away so much world knowledge and facts, as if it feared the internet would be switched off tomorrow. But don’t be fooled, the most important thing it learned in the web is how to be a smooth-talker, how to spin messages for maximum marketing success.

Image Credit: Dave Chaffey. Note: The snippet is part of a longer conversation on marketing for an office cleaning service.

400+: ChatGPT prompts for content creators, writers, bloggers by Lori Ballen

5x: Examples of well-engineered content creation prompts by Amin Boulouma

1x: Collaborative creative writing by Andrew Mayne

11x: Write a thread hook, CTA for Twitter or newsletter subject lines by Heather Cooper

8x: ChatGPT prompts for content marketing, email marketing, search and social media marketing by Dave Chaffey

20x: All things SEO: Generate, classify keywords, translate them, generate titles, metas, avoid duplicates, generate summaries, generate tech documentents like .htaccess or robots.txt. By Aleyda Solis.

5x: Still more things SEO: coding and content creation.

100x: Alexandra collected a long list of prompts for social media content creation (most of them are not really over-engineered)

50x: AI Art Prompts

Let ChatGPT write prompts for DALL-E, Midjourney or Stable Diffusion. I love these kinds of prompts — here’s one AI manipulating another AI, this is possibly a field where we’re going to see very big, very rapid advances in machine learning at some point.

Image credit: Paul DelSignore, created with Midjourney based on an ChatGPT prompt. Note: When using Midjourney, never count the fingers.

2x: How to use ChatGPT to create AI art.

50x: AI art prompts for Midjourney by Mani

1x: Bildea Ana on how to let ChatGPT enrich a prompt

2x: Paul DelSignore on how to let ChatGPT write detailed AI Art prompts for a better outcome

16x: Music

ChatGPT is the saddest music software around, it’s almost like it’s suffering from a major case of having the blues! But what’s truly a mystery, is how this grumpy piece of tech can create tunes and chords at all, even though it can’t hear a note, play an instrument, or read a single score.

Image credit: Robert Gonsalves

3x: Commented and evaluated examples by Robert A. Gonsalves.

3x: Explained and evaluated music composing examples by Ezra Sandzer-Bell

10x: Music and lyrics generation by Jeffrey Emanuel

1500+: Business — from accounting to zoology

100+: Long, precisely crafted prompts about all possible topics like salary negotiation, industry report, SaaS startup idea, travel guide or research proposals

150+: Very good prompts. Give professional advice in a scientific, business or professional field, do sparring, rehearse something with you, act as somebody / something … like an English pronounciation helper, salesperson, babysitter, car navigation system, time travel guide, CEO, etc.

150x: CheatSheet for various business purposes

30+: Examples of very detailled prompts on mixed topics from essays, email answers, plagiarism violation help to prompt injection (jail breaks) by yokoffing.

50x: A teachers prompt list for education

100x: Not all very useful, but again many examples: Different Prompts covering Web Development, Music, Business, Educational, Comedy, History, Health Medicine, Art, Food&Cooking, Marketing, Gaming.

5x: Cold email writing by Sam Greenspan

10+: Correcting, rewriting and analyzing English text (Sung Kim)

4x: Prepare for a job interview

1x: Write a report to your boss (Elon Musk) about what you did last week, when in fact you did nothing special (by Riley Goodside)

1337x: Book of mixed use cases by Florin Badita

Many thanks to Kirsten Küppers, ChatGPT and DeepL for helping with the story.

Many thanks to Almudena Pereira and Midjourney for helping with the illustrations.

All pictures were created with Midjourney.

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